Home Security Tips On A Budget


You know you need a home security system, but you’re worried about how much one might cost. The installation fees, the monthly monitoring bills, the cost of equipment and technology, all of it presents a serious dent to your wallet. What you need are home security tips on a budget, ones you can implement without…

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What is Home Security Monitoring?


What if you could wrap your home in an impenetrable cocoon to protect it from the outside world, the equivalent of surrounding your literal castle with a moat and drawbridge and then putting up several watchtowers to make sure no one else tries to sneak into your fortress? You can, to a certain extent. It’s…

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What Does the Future of Home Automation Look Like?


The current state of home automation is becoming clear to more and more people as they integrate such technology into their own homes or see its possibilities in the culture around them. Automatic locks, remote lights, adjustable thermostats and other devices and tricks, all available at the touch of a finger on your smartphone, are…

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Best Home Security Tips Pros Do and So Should You

You’e bought a home security system – preferably one of the cutting edge DIY security kits from BlueAccess – and now your house and family are protected by a thorough security network and 24/7 home monitoring to ensure they remain safe in nearly any circumstances. But you’re still a bit concerned. Is there more than…

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Small Business Security: A Simple Definition

How do you define small business security? What is absolutely essential to earning that moniker for your business? What tools and aspects are necessary to making up a proper security network for small business? What, ultimately, in a simple definition, IS small business security? Don’t worry, we’re not about to break out Merriam-Webster on you…

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Ten Stats About Home Security You Should Know

When you’re trying to find out about something, one of the best resources to rely on is statistics. Numbers rarely lie, which means that a good set of statistics can give you some of the best insights into any subject you’re researching. Home security is no different, as there are stats everyone should keep in…

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Three Up-and-Coming Trends About Home Security Tips

Some people love to be on the cutting edge and in on the latest trends, and that’s true in many areas of life. Home security is not immune to this urge, as many seek to be up on the new, up-and-coming trends facing the industry so they can implement them in their own homes and…

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How Much Should You Be Spending on Security Monitoring?

You’ve installed a home security system. You have cameras covering every nook and cranny of your home, motion sensors in sensitive areas, security lights ready to flash on at a moment’s notice and your system is armed and ready to go. But how much use will it all be without security monitoring ensuring someone is…

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Home Automation: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

So, you’re convinced of the benefits and conveniences of home automation, yet you’re still reluctant to finally bite the bullet. You’re worried about how difficult it will be to install, manage and maintain. Well, there’s good news. Home automation is not nearly as difficult as you might think. They may call it smart home technology,…

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