Best Home Security Tips Pros Do and So Should You

You’e bought a home security system – preferably one of the cutting edge DIY security kits from BlueAccess – and now your house and family are protected by a thorough security network and 24/7 home monitoring to ensure they remain safe in nearly any circumstances. But you’re still a bit concerned. Is there more than you can do? What do the pros do? You want some additional home security tips to take your home protection to the next level.

The good news is, there is more you can do to protect your home, much of it simple and intuitive, little of it requiring additional costs. These are the tricks of the trade that can give you that additional peace of mind.

Here are the home security tips the pros follow and that you can easily integrate into your own security practices at your house.

  1. Put up a security sign in your yard, but don’t give away too much. Burglars are much less likely to tackle homes with security systems than without. A sign in the yard demonstrating you have such protection can deter some burglars outright, though more experience burglars may look for more evidence of a system rather than trusting in a sign only. But make sure the sign does not mention the brand of your security cameras and other tools. Some professional thieves can hack into your network if they know the type of tech you’re using. Show, but don’t tell.
  2. Hide exterior wiring. Burglars might try to get around a home security system by cutting the power to your home entirely. While BlueAccess security systems have built-in battery backup, save yourself some hassle and conceal all wires on the outside of your home so burglars don’t know where to cut.
  1. Keep your car keys next to the bed. Assuming you have a modern car with an electronic fob, you can activate your car alarm using the remote to scare away any burglars who you may hear trying to break in or inside the home.
  2. Install light timers. Having the lights come on every evening at a set time will deter many burglars who are looking for dark, empty houses to plunder. Even when you’re gone, a well-lit home will make many thieves seek easier prey. Automated homes with remote lights can accomplish the same thing as long as you remember to flip the switch on regularly.
  3. Close the blinds. If the burglars can’t see into your home, they can’t tell if there’s anything inside worth stealing. Closing the blinds whenever you leave also makes it harder to tell if someone is inside the home. An easy trick to use.

These are just a handful of simple tricks that boost your home security protection in the easiest of ways.

 Most of all, though, you need a good security system. So if you don’t have one yet, make sure to take a look at the DIY home security kits offered by BlueAccess. These systems will protect your home and give you a strong base from which to then build up with other pro tips.

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