What Does the Future of Home Automation Look Like?

The current state of home automation is becoming clear to more and more people as they integrate such technology into their own homes or see its possibilities in the culture around them. Automatic locks, remote lights, adjustable thermostats and other devices and tricks, all available at the touch of a finger on your smartphone, are less and less the future and more and more the NOW.

But what does the future of home automation actually look like? We can make jokes about The Jetsons and Buck Rogers all we want, imagine computers and replicators creating anything we imagine in a post-scarcity future on the Starship Enterprise, but while this might be the ultimate goal in a few hundred years, that might be farther in the future than we’re willing to drift. So, what about the NEAR future?

What does home automation look like in a decade, or even just a few years down the line?

Imagine yourself in the smart home of the future. Forget all the art deco furniture of Tomorrowland fantasies – this house doesn’t look much different than your own on the surface. Don’t worry, no one is wearing one piece jumpsuits in any pastel shades, either. This isn’t that sort of future, thankfully.

No, you’re sitting in a normal enough chair in your living room, but you’re feeling a bit cold. You could grab a blanket, but they’re all the way across the room, and I’m afraid robot butlers are a bit farther in the future than our brief glimpse will allow.


No matter. With a simple voice command, you order the thermostat to increase the temperature by a few degrees. You’ll be warm enough soon.

Unfortunately, all this thinking about warming things reminds you dinner is fast approaching and you’ve done nothing to get it started. But that’s hardly a concern, either. You might still have to cook the food yourself, but you can order the oven to start pre-heating without getting up. Or order your smart house’s operating system to order pizza instead if you’re really not feeling like moving much.

Besides, you remember you haven’t gone grocery shopping this week and the fridge is pretty bare. But luckily food is on the way; your smart house noticed you were running low on supplies and put in an order for your favorites at your usual supermarket. That might be them at the door right now. Check the doorbell camera to see who knocked, then automatically unlock the door and let the delivery guy place the bags inside the front hall. Your house AI will tip him for you right from your account.

So, groceries or pizza? Never mind, your phone is ringing, your friends are inviting you out to your favorite eatery. Order the house into standby mode and watch the doors, windows and lights enter preprogrammed lock states as you drive away to get wings and beer.

Seem far-fetched? Experts say such technology is only a decade away at most.

Until then, you can equip your home with the current state of the art in home automation from BlueAccess, including smart locks, doorbell cameras, smart thermostat and smart outlets allowing you to connect much of your home to a central network controlled right from a smartphone app or your security panel.

After all, with BlueAccess in your home, the future of home automation is much closer than you think.

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