This panel is a game changer

Are you ready to meet your next control panel?

This security panel is anything but basic. In fact, it's more than a security panel; it's a smart home solution, therefore it offers some wonderful features. Our BlueAccess control panel has a built-in glass break detector and Bluetooth disarming. It also functions as a photo frame.

8 MP Camera with 120° wide angle lens

After an alarm is triggered, the camera takes "disarm photographs," which store the time, date, and image of whoever disarmed the panel. The photographs are then emailed to your smartphone, allowing you to see who has entered your home.

Turn your panel into a music streaming hub

Stream music straight from your control panel


The panel combines the capabilities of a smart home speaker with the capability of a security panel, including music streaming over Bluetooth and a table stand subwoofer option. Play from Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and any of your other favorite music streaming apps.


Better sound quality with our QuadSound feature

Audio clarity just got even better. With the QuadSound feature, chimes, voice, music, two-way chat, and the alarm itself are clear and crisper than ever before. With the addition to the base, you get a richer bass tone with the subwoofer. 

Meet the panel that is changing the DIY home security and automation game

More than just a security panel

  • 8 MP Camera

    For even better disarm photos and alarm videos, use the 120° wide angle lens with FlexTilt

  • QuadSound Speakers

    Our panel has been designed to give the greatest audio we've ever produced

  • Bluetooth Streaming

    For the optimum listening experience, there are four speakers linked to the base

  • Easy Install

    This panel is easy to install straight out of the box. We want to make simple for you

  • Glass Break Detector

    Other systems have a separate sensor that will detect glass break. Ours is built in

  • Photo Frame

    Display your favorite photos right on your panel turning it into a digital photo frame

Easy to install on the wall or to sit on any surface

With our SmartMount installation system, connecting your panel on the wall or to sit on a desk or counter is as simple as a click. Once you hear the click, you know that your panel is secure in it's base or on the wall. We want to make it as easy as possible to get your panel up and running without a lot of fuss.

Installs made simple

Our goal is to offer a DIY home security and automation install process that is simple and provide practical advice for protecting your home and everyone in it. We are partnered with one of the best security software companies in the industry,, who offers a top-of-the-line mobile app and cutting-edge equipment. Coupled with BlueAccess’ customer service, you can ensure you are getting a quality product and professional experience.

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We've partnered with Bread® to all you to pay with simple monthly installments.

How do I apply for Bread® & see my financing options?

At checkout, select the Bread® Pay option and they super-fast approval engine will let you know if you apply and provide you with payment options right away.

If you select financing at checkout, you'll be redirected to complete your checkout afterwards. Your system monitoring is billed monthly after your free month trial and cannot be financed.

All panels are included in our bundles

All bundles come with this panel

What makes BlueAccess different from other home security companies is this panel. You will not get the same features from some of these other large home security companies. Our panel is state of the art and will make your envy of all your friends and family once they see what it will do. Get started by picking out the bundle that best fits your needs.

blue access starter bundle


$499 .99
  • Security Panel w/Built-In Camera
  • PowerG Motion Sensor
  • 1 PowerG Door/Window Sensors
  • Monthly Monitoring (First Month Free)
  • Video Doorbell Camera
  • Indoor 1080P WiFi Camera
blueaccess pro bundle


$649 .99
  • Security Panel w/Built-In Camera
  • PowerG Motion Sensor
  • 2 PowerG Door/Window Sensors
  • Monthly Monitoring (First Month Free)
  • Video Doorbell Camera
  • Indoor 1080P WiFi Camera


$799 .99
  • Security Panel w/Built-In Camera
  • PowerG Motion Sensor
  • 3 PowerG Door/Window Sensors
  • Monthly Monitoring (First Month Free)
  • Video Doorbell Camera
  • Indoor 1080P WiFi Camera

BlueAccess isn't your typical home security company

The easier way to protect your home

Other Security Companies

Expensive mandatory installation charges
Messy contracts with pricy termination fees
Basic entry way keypad
Hardwired System
Easily Hackable by Intruders
Expensive products and services


Easy DIY system
No Contracts
State of the art control panel
Wireless easy to install and remove for optimum customization
Latest technology offered that cannot be hacked by jamming devices
Affordable systems with no hidden fees