5 Mistakes People Make With Home Automations

Home automation, the technology that goes into what we colloquially call a “smart house,” is designed to be simple, intuitive and easy to use. At its best, it transforms a basic home into a technology-fueled dream palace, its every component and asset at your command without hassle or fuss.


That’s the ideal, at least.

Like all technology, however, home automation can sometimes fail to work as advertised. Occasionally that’s due to a short circuit or other technical failure. But, all too often, like so many silicon age miscues, it comes down to that most common mistake of them all: human user error.

Here are five common mistakes people make when using home automation technology:

  1. Maintain your personal security.
    Home automation tech connects to a common system in your home – one that can be hacked if you’re not careful. Make sure to take all the proper security precautions with your tech: change the user names and passwords that come pre-fabricated with each device, for instance. If your phone is connected to the network as a command device, avoid connecting to public Wi-FI lest someone piggyback off your phone to access your home network. And always remember to install any app updates to your devices to stay on top of all security updates.
  2. Make sure everything works together.
    The joy of a working smart house is how every component interacts in one system to work all together, but that only functions if you make sure every component you add is fully compatible with one another. Not every brand plays well with others. Make sure you buy compatible components for your system. Do your research before you buy.
  1. Slow and steady wins the race.
    In your enthusiasm, you may be eager to buy an entire suite of products and install it all at once. This sink or swim approach sounds great, unless you sink. Too much at once can be overwhelming and lead to confusion. Start small with a few components and learn them in and out before you start to add more. You can eventually have the fully optimized smart home of your cyberpunk dreams if that’s what you want. Just, take it one step at a time.
  2. Buy the right stuff for your place.
    If you rent or lease a home or other space, you may not be at liberty to start drilling holes for permanent fixtures or playing with the wiring in your apartment. Buy components that can be moved portably to ensure your network can go with you when you leave for newer digs one day.
  3. Keep an eye on the Wi-Fi.
    Most home automation networks run off your local wireless network, but they can eat up a lot of bandwidth doing so, making your internet and streaming options slower than usual. You may need to upgrade to faster internet or greater bandwidth to accommodate your smart home system without killing your Netflix and chill speeds.

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