How to build a small business security system

Your home is safe and protected by a home security system, but now you’re worried about your small business? How complicated could it be to install a security system in your shop to make sure your business is just as safe as your house? What does it take to build a small business security system?

Keeping your business safe and secure is as vital as your home security layout

Not much more than it takes to build a home security system, really, you just need to have some different needs in mind.


The same BlueAccess products that protect your home can in turn protect your office space. 

The custom BlueAccess security panel can just as easily monitor a small business space as it can a home living space, but you might want to invest in some devices and deploy them differently.

Cameras, for instance. In a home security system, the tendency is to make cameras unobtrusive so everyone doesn’t feel under surveillance at all times. In a business office, though, particularly a public space many visitors will come through, you’ll want to place any cameras for maximum visibility so everyone coming in will know they’re on camera. Rather than making them feel nervous, this should make them feel reassured anything that might happen will be caught on video.

Install window and door sensors at all entryways and on big windows. Your panel should detect any glass breaking as part of its basic programming, but additional help is always merited.

Lock up technology and other movable technology whenever possible. Out of sight can mean out of mind for hurried thieves.

Make sure to lock all the doors. This seems obvious, but someone neglecting it just once can leave your business vulnerable. Smart locks can be programmed to lock at a set time, meaning your office will be secure after hours even with a mental lapse on the half of the closing crew.

Outdoor lighting is key. A well-lit business is the least likely target of thieves. A well-maintained facade helps, too, making it look prosperous and more trouble to purloin than not.   

Your business is not a home. It has a different layout and different purpose, which in turn means security will present different needs. You may want more motion sensors for a space that will be empty after hours. More cameras might be a good idea, both inside and outside, so you can catch the parking lot as well as the inner workings of the building if someone invades the space.

BlueAccess can help you with all of these needs to make your business a safe, protected space.

Take a look at their catalog of devices to determine what will best serve your business’ security needs and make sure your office is monitored for invasion at all times.


Your business is just as important to your living and well-being as your home, if in a different way. Make sure it’s just as protected to make sure you’re not targeted in a way that would hurt your bottom line and keep your business safe and secure from all comers.


BlueAccess makes home security and home automation simple and affordable for any homeowner. With no contracts and easy self-installation, you can start protecting your family today.


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