Where to place smoke detectors

When you’re thinking about home security, you’re generally focused on keeping people out via alarms, cameras and other tools designed to detect home invaders trying to illicitly enter the home. You’re usually not thinking about fire safety, yet proper protection against fire in the house is essential for full home security, which means you need to think about where to place your smoke detectors.

Finding just the right spots to place smoke detectors for best coverage of your home

We all know smoke detectors from classroom demonstrations, or perhaps from that incessant chirping it made for months when the batteries were low in your parents’ house… until your dad took the batteries out and never quite got around to replacing them. Ever.

But smoke detectors are no joke. If properly placed and maintained, a smoke detector can save your life and the life of your family in the case of fire in the home.

You need smoke detectors in the home and you need them in the best possible places to do yourself good if the worst should happen.

For smoke detectors to do their appointed task in the best possible way, though, you need to know where to put them, and that’s just what this list is all about:

  • In each bedroom. Bedrooms are where your family members sleep and you want them warned as quickly as possible if a blaze breaks out so they can get out fast. Any room where people spend a great deal of time, particularly at night when undetected fires can grow, needs a detector.
  • Outside each sleeping area. On the other hand, you want to find the fire ideally before it reaches where you’re resting, so putting them outside each bedroom means you’ll detect the fire before it’s lapping at your doorknob.
  • On every floor. If you have multiple levels to your home, you need at least one detector on every floor. Don’t let it grow in an attic or basement undetected, only for it spread to your living areas in full force and warn you too late to do anything.
  • Living room. You likely spend the most time in this room when not sleeping or eating, so put a detector in there to warn you early. Living rooms are often the location of fireplaces and of many electronics which can cause spark fires, so having early detection there is key.
  • In the kitchen. Maybe not right above the stove – you don’t want a dinner disaster to set off the alarm just because someone overcooked the roast. But many fires start here, so one just outside the door in the facing hallway is key.

Smoke detector placement could literally mean the difference between life and death.

BlueAccess counts smoke detectors among the items it can integrate into your home security network via its custom security panel. Tying it into your alarm system can alert you faster to danger and summon help quicker in the case of a fire.


Don’t let a fire catch you off guard. Make sure you place your smoke detectors, in working condition, in the best spots to preserve life and limb should the worst come to pass.

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