A Guide to Motion Sensor Placement

Once you’ve decided to include motion sensors in your home security network, then you’ve got to take the next logical step to decide where in your home to place those motion sensors for the best utilization of the motion detector devices.

Where to put your motion sensors to get optimized performance out of your home security system

After all, you want any of them in place to be located somewhere they will most likely detect illicit movement and protect your home belongings, not catch little Katy out of bed going to the bathroom.

Much will depend on how many motion sensors you install and how many areas you want to cover. Each house has its own unique layout, if only based on how you choose to use it, making some rooms vital to cover and others essentially pointless to monitor.

Only you can decide how best to place your motion sensors for ideal performance.

Still, there are certain locations that are logical places to put them at your disposal, so try out these placements for best security layout:

  • Corners. In the corner of the room is best situated to detect movement in the entire space. Aim it at the door to particularly make sure no one can enter the room without setting off the detector.
  • Patios/porches. If someone is approaching the doors on these outdoor facing spaces when you’re not at home, the detector will be placed to see them quickly.
  • Near valuables. Put one near your jewelry boxes, near safes or around other spaces where you keep some of your most valuable items. These are what the thieves will be looking for, so spot them when they draw near.
  • On the ceiling. Savvy thieves will be looking for motion sensors when they enter your home and seeking to avoid their infrared eyes. But people almost never look up (it’s how Spider-Man always manages to sneak up on them). Put the sensor on the ceiling or high up and they’ll likely not notice the device until it’s already seen them. (Web fluid not included in home security kits).
  • Among the knickknacks. Hide your motion sensors in plain sight by putting them amidst some of the decor that brightens up your home. By the time a thief realizes that object next to the wooden gnome, teddy bear and commemorative bell is a motion sensor, not a bit of clutter, they’ve already set off the system.

Careful placement of a motion sensor can mean the difference between a burglary and an attempted burglary.

Take special thought on where to put your motion sensors and make sure your home is as safe as can be through the devices available from BlueAccess and its DIY home security kits.


With extra forethought and cautious planning, you can use motion sensors as a vital building block in your home security network to further make your house the impregnable fortress you imagine it to be, repulsing home invaders and rouges with every motion sensor you add to the system.

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