The Intermediate Guide to Security Monitoring

Security home monitoring is a vital tool in keeping homes safe for countless houses covered by such means, but some may not quite understand the advantages right off. What they need is a guide to security monitoring that will allow them to comprehend exactly what the process involves and how it can best protect their homes and belongings.

Home security monitoring is a step beyond just simple home security. Anyone can install a home alarm and hope its insistent blare will scare away a burglar. But what if it doesn’t? What if more is needed? Well, home security monitoring can provide that more.

By connecting your home to watchful eyes, home security monitoring can be the lifeline you need to the next level of security for your property.

Here is your personal guide to home security monitoring:

If your security company offers home security monitoring, you’ll be billed monthly for 24/7 observation. This does not entail active surveillance — those doing the monitoring aren’t staring at computer screens seeing through your security cameras.

No, they’re doing the same thing your alarm system, once armed, does every night. Waiting. Waiting for someone with ill intent to strike.

If your alarm is tripped, without security monitoring, it will activate and continue to sound until you turn it off. It doesn’t trip any corresponding alert at local police headquarters or send up a flare to summon aid or light the Bat Signal to draw the Caped Crusader’s attention. It simply makes noise.


With home security monitoring, however, once your alarm is activated, a security monitoring station in your area will instantly be alerted. They will, in turn, call you.

This is important. You MUST answer this phone number if you wish to avoid unnecessary overreaction. If you don’t answer, the monitoring station will immediately contact the police and ask them to respond to your home… which is fine if you’re in danger or if a burglar is creeping through your home while you unwarily sleep through your phone call.

It’s less ideal if a falling tree branch broke a window and the police arrive to find you waking up to an armed invasion of law enforcement over a gardening mishap.

Once you answer the phone, the monitor will ask you what tripped the alarm and if you wish to contact the authorities. Here’s where you can actively choose between legal response or not, depending on the circumstances.

(If it’s a burglar, say “Yes.” If it’s that tree branch or a stray cat, say “No” and call a handyman in the morning, instead. It’s pretty self-explanatory, really.)

While this system requires an active input from you, it also gives you direct contact with local first responders to ensure you’re covered in case of a threat to your home and property. And it works even if you do sleep through the phone call. Just don’t do it too often if it’s false alarms, the police don’t like that.

BlueAccess offers 24/7 home monitoring services alongside their DIY home security kits, giving you the best of both worlds, with personal installation and control over your system but remote monitoring to ensure you’re protected even when you’re not able to keep an eye on things. With reasonable rates, it’s a vital tool in your home security package.



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