Small Business Security Tips On A Budget

Owning a small business is essentially the act of spending money constantly and hoping you can find the best ways to save a dime here and a nickel there to break even come payday. Everything must be budgeted and that includes security protection, which can present a big expense to owners in need of a bit of savings.
There are ways to save money on securing your business, however, and making sure you keep your office and company safe and protected without breaking the bank. While a full security system is still advisable, there are small business security tips that don’t require massive costs.

Here are a few small business security tips on a budget you can rely on for some extra protection:

  1.  Turn on those lights. This small business security tip goes against what we know. We’re taught from an early age to turn lights off when we leave the room, and turning lights off is a great way to save a buck or two in energy savings. But for a small business, leaving the lights on overnight is actually a good idea, particularly in well-trafficked areas like a downtown business district. Law enforcement officers are generally going to patrol such areas a few times during the night, looking for suspicious activity, and lights help them better see into your business and determine if everything is OK inside. You don’t have to leave every light on or light it up like it’s Christmas, but at least one lobby light near the storefront should be enough for officers to take a good look inside while passing by.
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  1. Lock up the valuables. If you display jewelry or other items, don’t leave them on display overnight. Lock them in a safe or other protected place, so that burglars have a harder time just snatching and grabbing. Do the same with cash. Take large amounts to the bank on closing, while daily amounts should also be locked away after hours until you return.
  2. Don’t hand out too many keys. If you don’t open your business yourself every morning and close it every evening, you may have employees who do that for you. The more employees who arrive early or leave late, however, the more people who need keys to enter the building… and therefore, the more keys are out there in general, allowing access to anyone who has it in hand. Try and limit the number of people who have access to such keys. Make sure those with keys can be trusted and maybe don’t just give one to the brand new employee who’s barely been vetted yet. Locked doors mean nothing if someone can unlock it for the thieves.

Overall, though, the best way to protect your business is with a small business security system. But even if your budget is tight, there are cost effective solutions out there.

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Cameras, motion sensors and an alarm panel can add a lot to your security options, especially combined with some of these small business security tips on a budget.



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