The Future of Home Automation

It’s becoming clearer every day that the future of home ownership involves more than a fair bit of automation. Home automation – that is, putting a number of home systems and operations into a computer-controlled program that allows you to control them from one centralized platform – may have once seemed the province of cheap science fiction cartoons or utopian pipe dreams, but today, it’s now become a normal feature that is not only taken for granted by many but is completely expected in a lot of homes.

But where is the future of home automation itself going? 

We may know that automation is increasingly a necessary function for a modern home, after all, but we find ourselves in a position to ask what form will that automation take and to what extent will it take over basic home functions?

Luckily, we don’t have to peer into a crystal ball or check a horoscope to get a glimpse into the future of home automation, not when it’s taking shape before our very eyes in many homes at this very moment.

Through systems like BlueAccess and its DIY home security system kits, home automation is becoming accessible to every homeowner, not just rich hobbyists with strange tech fetishes.

The future of home automation is simply about putting the potential of your home into your grasp from your easy chair, without having to get up to perform menial tasks when your voice alone can transform your environment.

Cold? Don’t worry about getting up to get a sweater. Simply ask your smart thermostat to raise the temperature to a balmier state. Too much sun in your eyes? Ask your central console to lower the automatic blinds.

Someone at the door? Your smart doorknob’s camera will send an image of the visitor right to your smartphone and you can speak to them through the camera speaker without having to go to the door itself. You can even unlock the door if it’s someone you want to let in, whether to place a package inside or to come on in and drop by for a visit.

Want something out of the fridge? Well, you’ll still have to get up and get that yourself, unless you’ve built yourself a robot butler in your spare time. Home automation still has some limitations, it seems.


But by placing every light, every door and window, every appliance and home system into a control in the palm of your hand, home automation offers a plethora of benefits with few negative costs. The cost effective system and devices from BlueAccess can make even those costs seem paltry compared to the efficiency you’ll enjoy later.

Home automation will be the standard for home ownership in the future as more and more homeowners integrate such systems into their homes and lives alike.

Home automation is coming and homeowners are set to reap the benefits as their living spaces become every more efficient and convenient. With BlueAccess on your side, you can start enjoying that future sooner than you expected.

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