Five Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference With Your Home Security System

Your home security system is installed. The cameras are up, the motion sensors placed, the locks secured. Your home is safe, snug as a bug in a rug. But what else can you do to keep your home safe? What little changes can you make to create a big difference?

Not every home security system decision has to involve hours or prep work or expensive equipment purchases. Sometimes, just a few tweaks or changes can produce big results.

Here are a few tips on how to improve your home security system with only a few small steps:

  1. Move your alarm control panel. It’s common to put your control panel right next to the primary door you enter and exit the home from, the better to remember to activate it when you leave and to deactivate it quickly when you return. But observant thieves will see it as well, and could use your own convenience against you. Put it somewhere just slightly less obvious and make it harder for thieves to find and observe.
  2. Move your spare key. It’s common to put a spare key under the doormat, under a loose stone, or up on a porch column, somewhere out of sight yet easily accessible. But just as everyone knows that is common, it’s common knowledge to thieves, too. They can check all the obvious places, and one key under the garden gnome later, they’re in the house without even having to break anything. Find a less obvious place. Or, better yet, install a lockbox with a combination on it, allowing you to access the spare key without having to leave it open to just anyone.
  3. Do some gardening. Got a window that’s perhaps too accessible? Want to prevent would-be home intruders from getting up against your walls? Plant some bushes. In particular, planting shrubbery with thorns, prickly leaves or other natural deterrants will ensure most burglary won’t even try to wade through the greenery to get near vulnerable areas. And it helps beautify the lawn. A win-win for your home!
  4. Keep your valuables somewhere else. It’s natural to put many of your precious items in the master bedroom – jewelry, for instance. But where it’s normal to keep it will be normal to seek it out for burglars. They won’t expect you to put your valuable jewelry in, say, the laundry room. Simple substitution tricks like that will keep burglars from finding things quickly, something they desire more than anything to avoid detection.
  5. Try a decoy. In a similar move, if you keep a safe on hand for storing valuables, try planting a decoy safe in the house, too. The decoy, put in a prominent location and not bolted down, will likely be taken on sight, stolen intact, so that the burglar will realize it contains nothing of value only later. That quick action will mean they are unlikely to search further for the real safe, which should be hidden away and bolted down, too, to prevent easy theft.

Tips like that shoud help you keep your home safe in any circumstances, with only minimal work.

For the rest, rely on the DIY home security systems from BlueAccess to ensure your property is best protected from all threats.

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