Five Things Your Boss Wishes You Knew About Small Business Security

You may not own a small business, but if you work for one, security is still a major issue to keep in mind when you conducting business for your employer. There are a variety of things to keep in mind about small business security that your boss would greatly appreciate you using on the job.

A constant awareness of security strategies and techniques when at work will make sure you keep your business safe, your boss happy and your job as secure as your company.

To keep that in mind, here are five safety and security tips to keep at the forefront of your mind when at work:

  1. Always lock up. A business is only as secure as its outer perimeter, so it’s important to make sure all doors and other access points are locked when not in use. Deadbolts, lockbars and other entryway barriers should be used whenever you leave. If your boss trusts you to be the last one in the building, you’ll need to check every door and any other exterior locks before you leave. No one wants a burglar to get in through some alleyway door left open for convenience.
  2. Keep track of your key. If your boss also trusts you to open the store, you’ll have a key to the business. If so, you’ve got in your possession the easiest way to access the building at any given time. Your boss should keep track of who has keys at any given time. You, in turn, must make sure you don’t lose track of that key, in order to ensure you have access to the building and don’t give away that access to anyone else.
  3. Keep track of the money. Many businesses keep a safe on the premises. Even if you don’t have the combination – the boss may prefer to be the only one with that – it’s possible you’ll be entrusted with locking it up for the night, as you hardly need the combination to shut the door. Empty the register, place it in the safe and lock it securely. If you have to run it by the bank, do so promptly, and if possible, do so in pairs, so no one can be easily startled by opportunistic thieves with the night’s take in hand.
  4. Keep the lights on. It seems counter intuitive. After all, when you leave for the night, you think to turn the lights off. It was programmed into us at a young age to turn lights off when you leave a room, lest we burn down a rainforest or make Captain Planet cry. But even at night, you want certain lights burning in your business, to deter thieves and make things visible for passing law enforcement. A well-lit business is unlikely to be targeted by burglars, who prefer darkness to do their work undetected. You don’t need to leave every light on, but certain security lights and lobby fixtures should be left on when you leave for the day.
  5. Activate the security system. If your business has a security system, it’s only as good as the people who use it. Unactivated, a security system will let burglars glide right in. It’s up to those who work there to turn the system on when they leave, to ensure the system is up and running. If you’re the last one out, make sure to turn it on and leave it active overnight. If you’re the first one, you should be able to deactivate it to start they day.

If your business doesn’t have a security system, think about recommending the need for one to your boss. Tell him about the DIY security kits from BlueAccess and maybe you’ll finally get that raise you’ve wanted.

Either way, keep these tips in mind to make your business as secure as can be and keep your boss’ mind at ease.


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