A guide to home security system placement

A checklist to properly place your BlueAccess security system components

The box is here. Inside are all the separate components that will make up your DIY home security system… once you’ve set them up, that is. But how to start? What should you do first? And then? And so on? If only you had a guide to proper home security system placement to get you started.

Well, you do, right here, just below this sentence. That’s right, in just another sentence or two. On this very page.

You’re welcome.

Follow these steps to get started on setting up your home security system placement.

  1. Set up your home security panel. Actually, the first step, assuming you started from the first paragraph above, is to open the box and unpack each component, but that’s pretty obvious, so we’ll assume you did that and move on to the essential portions of the process. Your BlueAccess home security panel is the central component of the entire system, with which each and every part of the system will network and operate under. It should arrive pre-programmed with the settings you specified when you ordered your system bundle, including being ready to sync with each component you ordered. Find a central location in your house to set up the panel, one you can reach easily to turn the system on and off and make changes when necessary, and hang it on a wall, or set it on a counter where it’s clearly visible. Turn it on and follow the set-up instructions to get started.
  2. Put up the cameras. Depending on how many cameras you ordered, this could be a quick process or the longest part of the set-up; one or two cameras, versus a dozen, makes a difference in time management. Find the best place for each camera – above doors, in potential blind spots, near windows, around corners – and hang the camera up, turning it on and syncing it with the system. If you pre-named your cameras by location during online check-out, you’ll know exactly where to put each camera and where it will sync up.
  3. Now it’s time for the sensors. Again, how long this take will depend on how many motion sensors you acquired, but place each one in the place in your home you feel it will be most efficient, without proving too much of a bother. That is, do put one in a hallway a burglar might use, but do not put it near the bathroom little Timmy gets up to use each and every night unless you like a lot of false positives.
  4. Place remaining components. Each DIY home security kit will include different elements based on individual taste and need. So, once you’ve put up the essentials, now it’s time to start installing other components, such as a doorbell camera, smart plug outlets, smart thermostat, smoke detectors and other elements. You know your home best, so put each item where it best serve and have at it.
  5. Double check your system. Once everything is in place, check you panel to make sure camera images are coming through, that sensors are picking up, that smart elements are accessible through the panel menu and that monitoring is active. Set up your password and emergency codes and start remembering to turn the alarm on when you’re leaving the house or bedding down for the night. Your system is active. Use it.

BlueAccess can walk you through you much of this during check-out and set-up during the ordering process, but feel free to consult this checklist at any time. Get your system up and running and feel safe.

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