How BlueAccess home security systems are safe from hackers

PowerG is a major reason BlueAccess is better

With a wireless security system, some homeowners may worry that, despite all its benefits and other upsides, they may prove vulnerable to a different sort of home invasion — a digital one, courtesy of a computer hacker. Well, if you have a BlueAccess home security system, you have little to worry about thanks to the company’s secret weapon in each system panel: PowerG.


First off, when it comes to hackers, never mind that most of us are imagining some bespectacled movie extra in Coke bottle glasses and a pocket protector typing furiously away as they mutter about firewalls and passkeys and barely decipherable computer jargon some screenwriter picked up from a decades old Python manual. Hacking is a valid concern for any exposed system, no matter how stereotypical the hacker.

The good news is, with PowerG in your corner, your home security system is far from exposed.

PowerG devices are an encrypted 2-way wireless system between the alarm panel and sensors giving you a safer, stronger system to protect you and your loved ones. 

PowerG uses Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology, meaning the signal frequencies between PowerG devices are constantly changing faster than an intruder can hack into with a signal jamming device.

So, when that hacker starts typing away with Cheetos-stained fingers on his keyboard, furiously trying to breach your security system, he (or she, let’s not make assumptions here) will find he’s unable to keep up with your system’s signal changes, making it nigh impossible to access the system illicitly.

Just in case, though, don’t make your password “12345.” BlueAccess cannot take responsibility for using the same code lazy travelers use on their luggage combination locks.

PowerG is not only good for preventing hacks, but for ensuring your system covers your entire home via stronger signals. The alarm panel and sensors have a longer communication range than other similar products, eliminating the need for extenders throughout your home.

Best of all, it works constantly, in the background without any need for user input, to better serve your system and keep it warded from any nosy cyber criminals and their various digital tricks.

Ultimately, with PowerG technology, you will never need to worry about an intruder using exploits to access your home. As criminals get smarter, so should your home, and that is why BlueAccess believes in staying up to date with the latest technology available.

Every BlueAccess security panel and overall system comes with PowerG, making hackers a danger OTHER people have to worry about.

It’s a security feature you can depend on to make sure your home remains safe from digital lookey loos and cyber criminals, so that your home remains your castle even on the wild frontier of the internet.

But, seriously, check those passwords, and change them to something better before the next hacker drops in. We won’t tell anybody if they’re especially lame. It can be our little secret.

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