Home Security: Expectations vs. Reality

When you get your first home security system, it can be easy to fall into certain expectations that don’t necessarily agree with the reality of things. These expectations can be both positive and negative, but either way, it’s important to note the truth in each case to best gauge how effective your home security system is for your needs.

Bridging the gap between expectations and reality is vital to determine truly how much home security you need in your home and what more you could use to better protect yourself and your family.

Let’s look at some misconceptions about home security and what the truth is in each case.

One of the greatest misconceptions about home security is that it’s prohibitively expensive.

This might be true, actually, with some of the major security brands, which charge a lot simply for their name on your lawn as much as the actual technology protecting your home. Extra fees, such as installation costs and long-term contracts, can add up quickly.

But by using a company such as BlueAccess, with its DIY home security kits, you can save a great deal. Self-installation saves on fees, while monthly monitoring costs are reasonable and don’t require long commitments. You can get a home security system at a fraction of the cost with the same, if not better, protection value.

Not to mention, a home security system will often mean a savings on your home insurance policy, which can help mitigate any costs in protecting your home.

It’s also possible to expect too much from your home security system. If you hope to turn your home into an impenetrable fortress, impervious to any invasion, you could be disappointed. Even the best security system can be exploited by experienced thieves, so even the best system is no absolute guarantee against home invasion and burglary.

However, a home security system does make your home much less likely to be targeted by thieves, giving you an edge in keeping your home safe just by having a system in place, let alone seeing it used.


Some, however, expect home security systems to be more trouble than they’re worth. They feel they’ve never been burglarized before, so why worry about protecting against it now? They may even expect a system to have limited use for the cost.

But home security systems have been statistically show to decrease burglary rates. Further, a system such as the ones provided by BlueAccess are not only useful in deterring theft, but can alert the family to other problems, such as fire. Too, BlueAccess systems can provide a wide range of home automation tools that further make your home security system not just a glorified burglary alarm but an entire home lifestyle kit to better serve your family.

It’s important to know the difference between expectations and reality.

But with BlueAccess, it’s most important to know the reality will often exceed expectations in serving you as the home security system you could hope for.

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