What Is Making Your Home a Prime Target for Burglars?

Here’s a basic fact: if you have things, then somewhere there is someone who wants your things. That’s where burglars come in – hopefully not literally, but you get what we mean. Burglars are always on the lookout for a home that they can break into and steal from.

They choose their targets carefully in order to make sure that no one is around to see them breaking in. There is a wide range of mistakes that you can make that make burglary break-ins more likely. 

Are you making your home a target and not even knowing it? 

Don’t make it obvious that you’re not home

If you have been away for even a couple of days, there may be items starting to pile up at your home. This can be postal packages, mail in the mailbox, the newspaper, etc. When these items begin to pile up, it makes it obvious that no one is home, even if someone is at home and simply forgot to do the pick-up. This makes the home a good target for break ins and potentially a home invasion. For your own safety and security, please make sure that nothing is outside that might bring this kind of unwanted attention to it. 

Cracked Windows & Open Doors Are Easy Entry Points for Burglars

There are a few security protocols that you should follow at home for better home security. You may know that you should keep your doors locked, but do you always do it? It’s common to forget to lock a door or to only lock them at night. Doors are extremely important, and they should always be locked.

About 30% of all burglaries happen when a burglar walks right through a door left unlocked.

Like doors, windows are another essential security area. It can be tempting to leave a window open when the weather is nice, but this can easily result in a burglary if left unattended. It’s easy to leave a window cracked and forget about it. 

An Open Backyard

If your backyard is wide open with no fence, then that makes the back of the home easier to get into. This effect is multiplied if your house backs up to a wooded or poorly lit area. That means burglars can get into and out of the house easily and with little chance that anyone will see them. With a little home security planning, you can make your backyard a harder target. Building a fence is a great way of keeping burglars at bay.

No Lights Outside the Home

If the area around the house is dark, then that’s ideal for burglars. Burglary tactics often include looking for dark areas so that they won’t be seen by others. If you don’t have a streetlight near your home, then you need to add a lot of light to the area. Even if you do have a streetlight nearby, you still need to have lights on all the exits of your home. Having a motion-sensor light can help with your energy costs. 

Hiding Outdoors and Around Landscaping

If there are great places to hide in your yard, then that’s ideal for break-ins. That way, the burglar can quickly go from the hiding spot to the door or window and back again. Overgrown bushes and shrubs can offer good hiding spots, as can a tree that doesn’t have its lower limbs trimmed. Make sure that there is no perfect hiding space in your yard that could harbor burglars who are just waiting for the lights to go out. 

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