PowerG: Add Next-Generation Security to Your Home

There has never been a more important time to focus on the issues of security for your home. Avoiding the nightmares of burglary, break-ins, and any possibility of a home invasion is a top priority for homeowners. Likewise, ensuring the safety of your home and family is essential in today’s environment. Fortunately, with PowerG products from BlueAccess, it has never been easier to obtain effective, state-of-the-art security that delivers peace of mind and reliable 24/7 protection.

PowerG is Technology that Makes a Difference

Our team at BlueAccess is committed to helping you provide the best possible and most trustworthy security for your home – whether you are there or away. We fulfill this commitment by offering you the latest in affordable and effective in-home security and automation technology. We also understand that convenience is an essential aspect of integrating security into your everyday life.

Our approach includes constantly monitoring the latest advances and capabilities and ensuring they are part of the “protective zone” that our products and services create for your home and family. When you let us worry about technology, you have the comfort of advanced security that will never be outdated.

For all these reasons, we chose our products deliberately to include those running the latest wireless technology called PowerG. We understand you want technology that works while accommodating the way you live. The strongest technology is useless if it isn’t convenient for you and everyone concerned to use easily. Our BlueAccess concept is built on an uncompromising approach to providing the strongest security that is easy and convenient to use.

The PowerG Edge in Home Security

As we mentioned, the foundation of our promise to provide the latest in-home security and automation is our use of PowerG-enabled devices. By combining a wireless framework with the revolutionary capabilities of PowerG, you receive a comprehensive solution to security and “smart home” applications.

Our approach instantly outdates any hardwired and standard wireless approach to protecting your home and family. It allows you to avoid the expense and challenges of fixed installations and the vulnerability to the hacking of standard wireless systems.

With BlueAccess and the PowerG solution, you will enjoy the benefits of:

  • Two-way Encryption. The connection between your alarm panel and the selected sensors is fully encrypted with two-way wireless to protect against hacking and overriding.
  • Stronger Signal. Designed to eliminate expensive and unreliable extenders, our PowerG units employ signals that do the job throughout the home and provide an unequaled geo-fencing capability.
  • Rapid Frequency Changes. You should never trust a wireless security system that does not utilize our PowerG Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum. Not only are your signals encrypted, the built-in proprietary FHSS technology constantly changes the operating frequencies at a rate that defeats hackers using a signal jamming device or other devices.
  • Reliable & Trustworthy. It is a sad fact that potential intruders and thieves track technology and use the latest approaches to compromise home security systems. With PowerG you will present a formidable obstacle to these bad actors and encourage them to turn to unprotected homes or those using wireless systems with less than adequate protection.

More than Security and Protection

While we know your first concern is protecting your home and family, we believe in having your cake and eating it too! The power of our system is that it also integrates into your everyday lives and makes it easy to control your home’s environment in multiple ways. More than a home security system, our many convenient features are controlled locally or remotely with your phone and your home’s virtual personal assistant, like Alexa or Google. We are always focused on adding additional features and applications that enhance both your comfort and security.

Perhaps the greatest contribution to your ability to protect your home is our amazing self-installation kits. You can provide a full range of protection using sensors, cameras, and centralized controls instantly and affordably with our modular kits and components. Start with a basic level of protection and add more PowerG-enabled devices as you need, while getting the best in monitoring and support.

Getting Started with BlueAccess

Not only do we make home security effective and affordable for our clients throughout Georgia, but we also make it easy to get started. Take our quiz and choose the right system for your home. Then, choose the components you need to protect your home today.

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BlueAccess makes home security and home automation simple and affordable for any homeowner. With no contracts and easy self-installation, you can start protecting your family today.


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