Five Security Tips for Empty Nesters

So, you’re looking for security tips for your home now that you’re officially an empty nester, at long last.

The last of your once tiny offspring have left the house, for college, career or other destination, and without any children in the house, you and your spouse are alone again at last and making decisions accordingly.

You may be focused on where to head for that dream vacation or what to remodel little Johnny’s room into, man cave or sewing nook, but there are other decisions that must be faced, too, and one of the most important is how to address your home’s security in your new circumstances.

Without children coming and going from the home any more, without you and your spouse being so rooted in one place in your new circumstances, there are a number of considerations to keep in mind for maintaining your home security going forward as empty nesters.

You’ll need to make some adjustments to fit your new empty nester lifestyle and keep your home safe and secure.

Here are five home security tips to keep in mind as you shift to a life of leisure and relaxation as empty nesters:

  • Install cameras. If you plan to travel more now that the house only holds two of you, you’ll be away from home more often and will be leaving the house in a vulnerable state, empty and yet filled with valuables for would-be thieves. A through camera system, connected to your smartphone, will allow you to detect intruders should they approach the home even when you’re on the road.
  • Trim the hedges. And the bushes, tall grasses, tree branches and any other growth in your lawn, especially close to the house. Removing obstructions that can hide burglars and maintaining clear lines of sight are invaluable tools in keeping your home safe.
  • Secure your exits. It seems simple, but checking all your windows and doors to make sure they’re locked and intact gives you one more layer of protection for the house. By installing smart locks, you can even remotely lock and unlock them when far from home.
  • Light it up. Motion-sensitive light fixtures will make sure anyone creeping on your home will be flooded with light when they draw near, alerting any watching neighbors that someone is nearby. Letting the neighbors know when you’re gone will help greatly, too.
  • Monitor the system. Not only does this suggest you keep an eye on your system when you’re away, but make sure you have a home security system with monitoring so some eyes will always be on your home should the alarm go off, keeping you better protected in case of trouble.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can stay safe even when you’re away from home.


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Overall, by keeping safety a priority as you turn into an empty nester, you can keep trouble from moving in to replace your kids as they move out.

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