Do I need to have my security system professionally installed?

You’ve decided it’s time to fully secure your home and family’s safety by purchasing a home security system.

You know you’ll need an alarm system, some cameras, a doorbell camera, maybe a motion sensor or two, and a secure network to tie it all together. You’re even looking forward to having it all in place so you can rest easy knowing you’ve done what you can to keep your home and property safe.


What you’re not looking forward to is the inevitable installation appointment — having to wait for an overscheduled, undermotivated technician to pull into your driveway, possibly hours later than promised, only to put everyone in place in a lukewarm fashion and leave you wondering if you even know how to operate this new system he barely explained to you before leaving for the next belated appointment.

Sound familiar? Yeah. We’ve been there too.

But with BlueAccess, you don’t have to have your security system professionally installed.

Instead, with the DIY security kits sold by us at BlueAccess, you can install your own security system on your own, with step-by-step instructions provided to make it as easy and simple a project as one could want.

It’s not difficult or time-consuming. First, place your order on the BlueAccess website, following the directives there as you assemble a package fit for your needs. There are already bundles available, but you can add as many of each item as you need to fit your property’s needs.

Naming your security components in the checkout process.

You can label each item, such as cameras and other devices, with a name so you know exactly where to place it when it arrives, saving you extra time and energy.

When your DIY security kit arrives, it’s time to get to work. You’ll be provided with instructions on how to proceed, from setting up the alarm console to placing each individual item where it needs to go.

At every point, the process will be simple, clear, and easy to follow. You won’t need any help — though you’re welcome to have your friends and family lend a hand.

There’s no wait. No dealing with complicated processes made more obscure by an unhelpful installation technician. Just a nice, easy process allowing you to do it all yourself.

If you do run into problems, BlueAccess is a live chat, email, or phone call away to help address any complications or issues you may run into during the installation process.

And, if at any point you decide your current configuration isn’t working, you can add additional devices to your set-up by ordering the necessary equipment from BlueAccess in the future.

Overall, BlueAccess allows you to skip the frustrations and complications of complicated professional installations. Via their DIY security kits, you can put together the security system you want and dream of without the extra hassles of dealing with a stranger tramping around your house to set it all up.


Take the power into your own hands. Choose the freedom of calling your own shots. Get a BlueAccess security kit and design your own home security system the way you want it.

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BlueAccess makes home security and home automation simple and affordable for any homeowner. With no contracts and easy self-installation, you can start protecting your family today.


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