Best Ways to Keep Your Teens Safe While at Home

That dreaded time has come at last. Your little angels, your very own flesh and blood, have become teenagers. With their increase in age, your teens will expect an increase in freedom as they go more places and do more things without their parents along. One of those things will be keeping your teen safe at home when you’re gone, perhaps to watch younger siblings, perhaps just staying behind rather than accompany you on an excursion.


They’ve reached a point where you trust them not to burn the house down by misusing the oven or injure themselves by attempting silly stunts off the staircase.

But while you might trust your teenager, within reason of course, you don’t trust everyone outside the home.

If you were concerned about keeping your home secure when you were there, you’re likely much more concerned about the same thing now that your children are there alone.

To maintain home security for children while their parents are away, it’s important to make sure you have the right options in your system.

You should make sure your teenager knows the alarm code if you have an alarm system installed, so they can deactivate and activate it on arrival and if they leave the house. It would also be beneficial to teach them the duress code so they can use it if the worst happens.

Making sure your current security system can be used by teenagers is key. Make sure you have the outside covered to keep intruders away while your child is at home alone, with a spread of cameras and motion lighting among other BlueAccess products.

You will likely also be concerned about what’s going on inside the house while your teen is there alone. Trust must start somewhere, so we don’t advise plastering the inside of the home with cameras to spy on your latchkey child.

But it might be a good idea to have cameras in key spots. A doorbell camera is advised, so you know if anyone is coming or going while you are gone. It’s one thing to not spy on your kid, and another thing to know if they’re throwing the big house party of the weekend while you’re gone.

But a doorbell camera will also let you know if any strangers approach the house and try to gain entry illicitly, or if they try and talk to your teenager and pressure them into letting them into the house.

A camera in one or two vital spots inside, particularly the kitchen where safety can be a concern during cooking and other tasks, would not be out of place, either.


But primarily you need to make sure your child is safe, not that they are behaving. That’s a different issue outside of the purview of a security company.

BlueAccess may not keep your teen on the straight and narrow while you’re gone, but their library of products can help keep them safe in your absence, with careful installation and thoughtful placement of the right devices.

Put your mind at ease, at least on one front, when you’re away from home and your teen.

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