Will Home Automation Ever Rule the World?

We’ve dreamed of home automation for more than a century now, imagining houses of the future equipped with eager and ready artificial servitors ready to fulfill our every whim: bringing us a glass of water, cooking dinner, tending the garden.

We’ve imagined sassy robot maids and mournful homes, still plugging away at pre programmed tasks long after the residents have disappeared, and still we long to see the automated home of the future emerge to rule the world around us. 

Granted, we may not be ready to roll out the robot maids, yet, but we are seeing home automation becoming more and more common around us, bringing new comforts and conveniences to life around us.

With home security services such as the DIY home security kits from BlueAccess, any homeowner can start creating their own automated home, at least in fits and starts, and have everything ready for when those robots start rolling off the assembly line.

With the right equipment, home automation is easily within the grasp of the average homeowner.


For instance, a video doorbell allows you to start the process right at your front door, before anyone enters the home at all. Connected to your smartphone, you can see anyone at your front door before they come in, even when you’re not at home. If it’s someone you trust, you can unlock the door remotely and allow them to come in. If not, you can speak to them through a speaker, warning them away, and even alert the police immediately if the unwanted intruder shows no sign of leaving.

Once inside, there are plenty of other home automation tools you can install around the house. Smart plugs allow you to connect your various appliances to the network, so you can turn on nearly any electronic device with the flick of a finger from your phone. 

A smart thermostat can be installed to allow you to change the temperature without ever getting off the couch – or, alternately, from away from home, so you can turn it off before leaving for vacation yet turn it on long before you arrive home so your home is just the temperature when you arrive back.

Automated locks can be installed on windows and other doors, as well, to give you total control of the perimeter of the home.

You can play music anywhere in the house with a simple request, queue up the kids’ favorite TV programs from the next room and much more with just a bit of electronic tinkering.

Of course, home automation is far from perfect, as we continue to find ways to improve the services.

You can possibly turn on the oven from the living room, but you’ll still have to get up and go put something in it yourself.

But until those robot maids show up to do the rest of the work for us, home automation as it exists today is well on its way to, if not ruling the world, making a good attempt at it.

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