Common Misconceptions About Small Business Security

For those looking into the options for security systems for their small businesses, it can be easy to mistake common perceptions and mistakes for the wisdom of the crowd, leaving to possibly erroneous ideas about what’s best for the business and its safety.

For instance, some will tell you that, if your small business is on a well-traveled stretch near other businesses, you may not need a security system at all. After all, the police cars patrol such areas frequently enough at night to scare off any would-be burglars.


This ignores that experienced thieves will likely know exactly when the police are likely to drive by and will wait until they pass before striking, having timed their nefarious work to the second to make sure they can hit your business, clean out any valuables and be gone long before the police return for another round. 

All the cops will see is your broken window or jimmied door, with no sight of the perpetrators — and no chance of discovering them on camera from your security system-less premises.

That’s why it’s important to identify such misconceptions before you buy so you can make the best possible decision for your business.

Here are several common misconceptions about small business security and the truth for small business owners’ actual needs.

One thing you’re likely to hear a lot from dissatisfied users is that small business security systems cost too much. And, in their case, maybe it did. There are certainly some companies that will charge you as much as they think they can squeeze out of you, as is true of any good or service you use in your business. Like with anything else, you need to do some comparision shopping and find the lower bids that fit your budget.

For one thing, you don’t necessarily need some big brand, “professionally” installed system to secure your business. A DIY security kit, such as those from BlueAccess, can often provide just as much peace of mind as more expensive options with no drop in quality coverage.

And if you’re truly worried about cost, just remember it’s likely less expensive to insall and maintain a security system than to recover from a burglary and pay increased insurnace premiums, to boot.

Others may advise you to take some security shortcuts. Much of a security system’s purpose is in deterrence as much as detection, after all, so maybe save some money by installing a few fake cameras amidst a real one or two to scare burglars off.

This would be a mistake. While deterrence is the best options, some thieves are desperate enough to try no matter how much security they detect. And when they do come smashing in, you want those cameras to be real, capturing every moment of footage they can, to help police detect and apprehend the criminals. That won’t happen with some mock equipment that serves no true function other than as a digital scarecrow.

Finally, you’ll likely hear security systems are complicated and hard to upgrade.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth with a system from BlueAccess, which uses DIY equipment that allows you to add and shift elements in and out of your system easily. This means you can start small, adding components as your budget allows, until you create the system you truly feel gives you the best possible coverage.

Correcting misconceptions over your small business security coverage is vital.

By having the actual facts in hand, you can save money, time and effort in making your small business safe, secure and ready for whatever may come.


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